Before & After: Kinley Water

Kinley, before and after

Inspired by this post, here’s the packaging redesign for Kinley water. For those who didn’t know (I didn’t until a couple weeks ago), Kinley basically has a monopoly of the Hyderabad bottled water market. Recently, the bottle design changed — the label lowered, the shape got more curvy (easier to hold), and the cap changed to blue. I like the changes. Also, everyone I asked prefers the new version too. I even overheard people discussing the benefits of the new design in the elevator at work.


  1. Sasidhar says:

    I for one don’t like the new design for some reason.
    It just seems too bottom heavy :)

  2. Nicki Kinley! says:

    Ahhhh this is my last name.
    I should totally drink this haha

  3. Nelson says:

    Yeah, you should. You might have to go to Hyderabad to find it though. :)

  4. Kinley says:

    Ahh my FIRST name is Kinley. I should drink this

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