Barbecue Pictures

Last week, my parents were visiting my sister in Chicago, leaving me to house sit their huge home up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Since they have a nice barbecue (charcoal grill) and an amazing view, I decided to have some friends over for a relaxing, carnivorous Saturday. Enjoy the pictures!
Barbecue Chicken
Barbecue Rib Eye Steak
Close-up of the Rib Eye
I should challenge Reid to a cook-off one of these days!


  1. Joshua says:

    Looks so eatable!!

  2. Reid says:

    yum! that looks delicious! you definitely win on the view

  3. Char says:

    That meat looks goood. Did you use the Monterey seasoning?

  4. Kim says:

    Mmm, that last picture. It’s so nice to no longer be a vegetarian.

    (How do I change my icon? Looks nothing like me.)

  5. Nelson says:

    @Char: Yes, the Montreal one!! So good. That, and olive oil, just like Ryan.


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