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Bad Idea

There has been a heat wave in the bay area this weekend. Today, it was 97°F in Cupertino. But, I’m training for a 10-mile race this coming weekend when I visit my sister in Chicago, so I decided to brave the warmth and run my usual 4-mile loop around Cupertino. Henri came along. Here he is after the run:

As you can tell, we barely made it.

For your enjoyment


Lazy Henri


Tug of War

Tug of War with Henri

Also tweeted this, but I haven’t posted about Henri in a while, so I wanted to let everyone know he’s doing well. I’m putting him on a little bit of a diet to recover from my parents’ overfeeding of him while I was in India. I think this might be making him a little aggressive. Right after our prolonged battle (I won), he went to his food bowl and moved it across the living room floor. Don’t worry, I gave him more food.

Henri on the bed

First video with my new camera:

Another side of Henri

Yesterday, Henri fell over on a bush while peeing on it. It was really cute because he tried to pretend like he didn’t fall, but I saw him.

Henri peeing on a bush

He didn’t fall today, but it was still cute.

Notes: This starts the Henri category of my weblog. Thanks to Mike for telling me about Gimp, which is what created those fancy rounded corners.